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Q:  Is there a charge for estimating the cost of a design?

A:  A price range can be provided remotely by reviewing the design checklist that is filled out and viewing images of your property, but, much more "on-site" information is needed to provide a specific design proposal. Because the time during that first meeting is spent going over all the features of a new landscape, providing new ideas and coming up with a visual layout of a completed project, a consulting fee of $150 does apply. This is actually the beginning phase of the design process and, therefore, the fee will be applied to the total cost of the design. 


Q:   Does the price for the design include changes? 

A:   Yes. The design process allows for multiple opportunities for adjustments to the design. And, unless there is a complete change to the layout that was agreed upon during the preliminary design phase, one set of minor changes or additions can be made to the final plan.

Q:  Are the designs computer generated or hand drawn?

A:  Both types of designing are available. Hand drawn may be used for more of a natural and textured look. The CAD designs are preferred for the ease of making changes and sending to contractors. Unless a request is made, a computer aided drawing will usually be provided.

Q:  What comes with the cost of a design?

A:  The designs are traditionally drawn on a 24" x 36" landscape format with the appropriate scale so all measurements can be easily deciphered.  All the components, new and existing, are drawn and labeled with all the necessary information needed to purchase and install. Typically, the plant legend is separate from the landscape features legend and there is a separate section for construction notes. Multiple copies are provided along with a digital file for making more copies, preserving the plan or for attaining price comparisons from different landscape companies. Up to four design meetings are included to insure that we get it right.  A pre-construction meeting with the chosen contractor is available upon request to clarify any details or confirm any changes of a full property design. With each design, you have an advocate available to answer any question related to the landscape installation and the maintaining of it thereafter.

Q:   What other services do you offer? 

A:   Other than providing custom landscape designs, services related to overseeing the proper installation of a landscape are available. This can include supervising, on a consulting basis, the overall project or the layout & installation of specific components, such as the plants, concrete, outdoor kitchens, lighting etc.. 

      The selection, purchase and layout of plants, lights and other landscape features is also available to expedite the project and provide the best materials specifically envisioned for your landscape. This can be helpful when you already have a landscape crew that may only handle the labor and equipment of the installation or when you plan to install your own landscape.

     Custom woodwork is available if your project calls for a feature that can be built off site such as a veggie box or garden wall planter like the one in the portfolio. For a full list of services, please see the services page.