However, a professional landscape design is recommended to provide the many important details and precise locations of the various landscape features needed for a successful installation. A design may also be necessary to submit to your homeowners association for approval or for getting price quotes from local landscape contractors. Most contractors will require a professional landscape design, not only to be able to estimate the cost of the project, but also to be able to successfully install it. 

     Upon your approval of the design quote, we will start the process by reviewing your wish list, discussing all of your options and creating a custom design approach. The terrain is then surveyed, existing components assessed and measurements & photos are taken to begin the first phase of the design. Once design progress is made, a second "preliminary" design meeting is scheduled to show a layout of the major landscape components, a list of materials, a collection of samples and the general flow of the landscape. After a few changes and confirmation of the overall feel and placementthe work continues with the final design phase.  

     Ultimately when the final design is presented, it shall have all the necessary information and details required for a licensed landscape contractor to complete the project.  Each ​design is to scale and comes with a plant legend, labeling

of important landscape features, construction notes, and elevation detail drawings, if necessary. 

​     To insure the project goes as planned, multiple on-site consultations are available once the project is underway. This may include collaborating with the contractor on the overall layout, hand selecting landscape products or placing plant material in the landscape. In addition, site visits are available after the project is complete to insure the proper maintenance guidelines are followed. Our interest lies well beyond the design phase and in the success of your new landscape.   




​     Smart Landscape (Central San Diego County)                            ​www.smartlandscapesd.com                            858 / 610 ~ 7152
     GFG Landscaping, Inc.  - installation  (West San Diego)             www.gfglandscaping.com                                 619 / 250 ~ 0442
     Pacific Landscape - install/maint.   (West San Diego)                www.pacific-landscape.com                             858 / 531 ~ 7579 
     JC Custom Scapes - installation (North county)                         www.jccustomscapes.com                               760 / 402 ~ 1508
     San Diego Landscape Solutions (South County)                          www.sandiegolandscapesolutions.com              619 / 734 ~ 7364   

    ​​ Pine Ridge Landscape, Inc,       (East County)                            www.prl1.com                                                 619 / 368 ~ 1189
     One Drum Contracting / Carpenter & home builder                   www.onedrumbuild.com                                  207 / 459 ~ 6479
​     Mission Pools                                                                            www.missionpools.com                                    760 / 743 ~ 2605
     R & R Landscape Maintenance & Irrigation                                                                                                       619 / 760 ~ 4909
     Sergio Sosa's Landscaping & Maintenance                                                                                                         858 / 442 ~ 0487                                                                    


   Full property designs                                                         Locate the highest quality plants from various nurseries                  Project meeting, collaboration and set up

    Half property designs                                                        Specific selection of boulders, stone, pottery, etc.                          Project auditing (construction & materials)

    Lighting and irrigation designs                                           Layout materials to insure proper placement                                  Specific design directing and supervising

    Elevation/Detail drawings                                                  Designer & contractor project collaboration                                   Final inspections of completed project

​    (CAD or hand drawn available)


                                        LANDSCAPE CONSULTATION                                     CONTRACTOR/VENDOR REFERRAL

                                        Provide landscape upgrade ideas and overall layout                          Local & professional landscaping companies

                                                   Installation/Construction methods & requirements                            Specific referral tailored to project scope 

                                                   Troubleshoot irrigation, drainage & plant issues                                 Provide the best vendor for specific materials

                                                   Provide written report with detailed instructions & materials                                          

                                                   Create custom landscape maintenance schedule             


Residential Landscape Design in San Diego




Additional reference locations:


Initial landscape consultation / Site visit / On-site sketch                                                 $100 / Hour  ($150 Minimum) 

         ~ This fee includes a design estimate and will be applied to the cost of the design once initiated 

Typed landscape report including list of plants, materials & installation procedures            $100  (provided as a PDF)

 Landscape consultation & design                           starting @  $ 850 partial property  /   $1200 full property

Irrigation design                                                   starting @  $ 450

Landscape lighting design                                     starting @  $ 350

Typical payment schedule for designs:

30% - Upon approval         50% - Preliminary design meeting         20% - Final design                                           

~ 10% discount for active military

~ Special pricing available for landscape contractors, home builders and developers.  

~ 5% donation to Waldorf School of San Diego for full property design for affiliated parents.                                                



619 / 250 ~ 0446​​


San Diego Landscape Designer

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     ​​​​​​ A new landscape project is an important investment and should be approached with the right plan in place.

A                                  is a useful initial tool to help you with the task of deciding on the many uses and components of your new landscape. Typically, the checklist is filled out and sent ahead of time so we may gauge your design needs.       

     As a stand alone option, a consultation service is available to provide the innovative ideas needed to help create the vision of your new landscape. During that meeting, we will go over the appropriate plants, the landscape materials and how to best use the space available. In addition to the verbal consultation, a written "landscape report" that contains all the materials, locations and methods of installation can be provided as a tool to assist the landscape contractor or gardener with the installation.